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Why does the screen just stay blank when I turn my ELLO 2M on even though the LED lights up?[edit]

There are two known issues with some factory units that cause this: either the PIC32 has not been programmed properly with the ELLO's firmware, or the LCD screen is faulty. To determine which is causing the issue, you can try connecting to the USB port with a computer terminal, using it as a serial port: if the ELLO's firmware is accessible from there, then the problem is with the LCD panel, which will likely have to be replaced.

The firmware can be flashed using a programmer, and instructions for that can be followed on this video. The model to be selected for flashing is PIC32MZ2048EFH064 for the ELLO 2M² (Hacker edition) and PIC32MX470F512H for the ELLO 2M (Geek edition).

My screen started to produce white flashes or eventually became all white. Is it broken?[edit]

You have likely just run out of battery. At this time there is no battery status indication in the firmware (the [Bat] button is intended to support this in the future), so it is probably a good idea to proactively keep the ELLO charged, both to avoid data corruption and to be nicer to the lithium battery (they don't like running out of juice completely).

How can the touchscreen be calibrated?[edit]



in MMBasic should initiate the calibration process.

Where do I find documentation for the ELLO's version of MMBasic?[edit]

There are three documents that are mainly relevant: the general MMBasic manual, the Micromite Plus addendum, and Micromite Extreme for the PIC32 models used in the ELLO, and the ELLO 2M addendum for features and commands that are specific to the ELLO and not part of the standard MMBasic.

What are the ELLO 2M model types?[edit]

There are two main variants, the ELLO 2M "Geek" and the ELLO 2M² "Hacker". The Geek is powered by a PIC32MX470 processor that can run at up to 120MHz, while the Hacker mounts a PIC32MZ with up to 252MHz clock rate. The latter has additional hardware features, like a working MMU, and thanks to additional memory, the Hacker sports an expanded MMBasic and an internal A: drive (the default drive on boot is still B: to retain program compatibility with the Geek).

The CPU command gives me an "Invalid CPU speed" error.[edit]

Supported CPU speeds are different on the Geek and the Hacker versions: the Geek's PIC32MX runs at up to 120MHz, while the Hacker's PIC32MZ runs at up to 252MHz. The frequencies usable on the Geek are 5, 10, 20, 40, 48, 60, 80, 100 (default), 120 MHz. The frequencies usable on the Hacker are 60, 99, 120, 156, 198 (default), 204, 228, 252, and the overclocking 258 MHz. The Geek and the Hacker share 60MHz and 120MHz as admissible frequencies, so an MMBasic program can use the CPU command with either of those speed while still working on both models.